BlitzKidz Chess Program is one of the most popular After School Programs in Houston

  • Chess aids in enhancing every aspect of the child’s growth.
  • Great tool to connect with people across ALL ages.
  • Dramatically improves a child’s ability to think rationally.
  • Increases cognitive skills and aptitude in recognizing patterns & abstract reasoning.
  • Improves Reading comprehension and Math skills.
  • Children learn patience and thinking through the problem.
  • It creates a mix of fun, learning and competitive environment.
  • Chess teaches kids how to deal with defeat.
  • A healthy alternative to excessive screen time and video games.

Our Offerings Include:

  • After School Program

Our after school program offers quality chess instruction in the safety and security of your child’s own school.
Our structured curriculum is designed to teach Chess as a life skill and/or a competitive skill based on your unique need.
All K-8 students benefit from our program in one way or the other.

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  • Tournaments

We conduct USCF rated Scholastic Tournaments once a month in Energy Corridor. Our tournaments are professionally conducted and on an average consist of  25-35 players. We have longer time control for players rated 1200+.

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  • Summer Camps

Summer Camps at Blitzkidz are great fun! We are the only program in Houston to offer a Rubik’s Cube Camp in addition to Chess.
We have low student to coach ratio at all times as well as differentiated instruction for different skill levels. Our camp venue is simply THE BEST in Houston!

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