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The Blitzkidz LLC provides after school chess coaching to students in both public and private schools in the Greater Houston Area.

We introduce, execute and manage the entire chess program from start to finish when a school requests it.

We hire chess experts and master coaches to teach and help make a successful and competent school team . Our fees are highly competitive.

We are a unique program as we not only provide chess lessons but also go a step further in coaching the school team to compete in local and state tournaments

Program Structure

  •  Sessions cater to different age groups and/or different skill levels
  • K,1st and 2nd Grades
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades onwards
  • 1 to 1.5 hour instruction time per week
  • Lecture, chess boards and projector used for teaching
  • Homework and personal practice using latest Chess software
  • Using software, children can play against each other and solve chess puzzles
  • Coach actively monitors statistics on development of each child
  • Approximately 20:1 student to teacher ratio
  • End of semester in-house tournament with trophies/medals
  • Guidance to participate in USCF rated tournaments
  • Chess T-shirt for the school team ( extra cost)

Benefit to students and parents

  • Lessons are held in safety of children’s own school.
  • Offers a quality after school choice for parents.
  • Convenient for Parents as no additional drop-off/pick-up
  • Children get to meet and play with children from different grades with similar interests.
  • Effectively utilizes valuable after school time.

Benefit to school

  • School team participation in tournaments raises school’s profile.
  • School team has opportunities to win trophies and prizes for the school
  • Increased focus level of students leading to better academic performance.

After School Registration Form

(Note: You will be redirected to PayPal and get a receipt from PayPal as confirmation.Payment by Check/Cash option available if submitted at the time of FIRST lesson. Completion of this form is a MUST for registration )

Student First and Last Name:
Parent’s Email:
Parent’s Phone Number:
Allergy/Medical Condition:
I authorize the individual(s) working with the BlitzKidz Program to provide any and all medical treatment necessary for my child, at my expense. I agree to hold the Program Staff harmless from all liability for any injuries that my child may receive while participating.
A late pick up fee of $2 per minute will be applied. After the 5th late pick-up, your child may be suspended from the program.
There will be no refunds for any class missed so it is imperative that your child attends all sessions in the semester. Also, there is no provision for any make-up classes. If your child is sick, the homework might be provided at the coach’s discretion.
I ensure that my child will behave respectfully and appropriately with the Staff, Coaches and other students at all times. During the entire session and until pick up he/she will abide by all the rules that are set by the school and are followed during regular school hours. The child will be held responsible for damage to any equipment that is present in the room where the lessons are conducted and is not related to or required during the lesson, e.g. any equipment in science lab.
I hereby give permission to The BlitzKidz to use or publish any pictures or other media on which my child appears. Publication may include but not limited to the school’s website, BlitzKidz website, newspapers or related journals.
Please select your ISD/ School:

SJP2 Elementary – Session FULL

Kilpatrick Elementary – Session FULL

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