USCF Rated Scholastic Chess Tournaments

Advanced Section for 1200+ rated players with longer time control

For under 1200 rated players:

1. Chess Lessons at 1 PM (Optional)

2.  Tournament 2 PM onwards

Tournament Entries 4_15_2018

Energy Corridor Location

Temple Sinai

13875 Brimhurst Drive

Houston, TX – 77077

Dates 2018: Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 25, Apr 15, May 6June 10

Sugarland Location

Sweetwater Christian Church

4141 Sweetwater Blvd

Sugarland,  TX 77479

Dates 2018: Feb 4, Mar 4, April 29May 13

K-12 1200+ Rated Players:

Tournament: 1:00 pm onwards G55/5d                $16 – PayPal; $20 – Cash

Under 1200 Rated Players:

Lesson – 1:00 to 2:00 pm       $10 – PayPal/ Cash (Optional)

Tournament – 2:00 pm onwards     $16 – PayPal; $20 – Cash


  • Quad format; each quad grouped by rating
  • 3 games; G25/5D for under 1200; G55/ 5D for over 1200
  • Game Analysis by Expert Coaches
  • No elimination; all players play 3 games each
  • Chess sets will be provided
  • Winner of each quad gets a medal
  • Trophy awarded when a player wins 3 medals
  • Professional Chess Lesson every time before chess tournament


K-12 beginners as well as all chess enthusiasts are welcome to compete

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Energy CorridorSugarland

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Results of our tournaments will be updated on the USCF website within 2-3 business days

*Please note that while you may drop off your child, BlitzKidz as well as the venue staff are not responsible for the child’s safety.

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